What My Amazing Clients Are Saying

Reviews From My Latest Clients!

I’ve always wondered if I had any food allergies so I contacted Leticia for a wellness session. We talked about my concern and some of the symptoms I experience after eating. Leticia was able to suggest two areas of possibility for food sensitivities and sent me some guidelines on discovering them. She even suggested I see my family doctor and what tests to request which I wasn’t expecting.  I was impressed with how quickly she came up with her ideas, I’m very glad I found her. 

Kayla, 25, Toronto

I purchased the 14 Day Reboot program from Leticia because I wanted a quick way to prepare for my vacation. Even though this was a DIY program, Leticia reached out to me and let me know I could contact her if I needed some support. I had some questions about substitutions during the program and she responded rather quickly. She was friendly and very knowledgeable. She even gave me suggestions on ways to enjoy my vacation but not completely sabotage my results. I lost 5 lbs on this program and I was only hoping to reduce my belly bloat. Thanks again 🙂 

Abigail, 23, Oakville

Leticia is a life saver! I’ve spent a lot of money on fad diets and never found success. As a single working mother, I thought it would be hard to work with a coach and complete the program but Leticia was accommodating with my schedule and even offered tips on ways to get my children to eat some of my meals. She provide recipes and grocery lists that provided meals for the whole family and it was food I actually enjoyed! This was so different from other diets you follow where they give you set foods to eat, usually foods you would never purposely eat.  Leticia encouraged me to experiment with a variety of foods but didn’t pressure me to eat things I didn’t like and she let me come up with my own ways to cook them. I not only feel comfortable shopping for my healthy foods but I am not afraid to cook and try new things. Thank you so much, Leticia!

Irene Vu, 38, Toronto

In 6 short weeks, Leticia helped me lose 15 lbs and get my energy back! She helped create a program that took into account my busy lifestyle and budget. Through her program, I’ve learned what foods to eat, portion controlling and discovered I was lactose intolerant. She is very supportive and motivating, I never felt like I was alone during my program. I’m leaving this program completely prepared to maintain my weight loss and go forward in better health. 


Bianca S, 28, Brampton

Leticia was excellent to work with! She helped me solve years of issues I had with digestion and a pesky skin disorder. Offering unlimited email support was especially helpful because I could communicate with her around the clock and her response time was amazing! Her down-to-earth approach is refreshing also, you feel like you are getting good advice/lifestyle tips from a close friend!

Alicia B, 30, Ajax