How Today’s International Day of Peace Can Help Your Mindfulness Journey

Today, September 21, 2017, is the international day of peace aka Peace Day.


Now, this may very well be a day that you didn’t even know about or that comes and goes without much thought as so many international days do, don’t feel bad. Truth be told, if my fabulous new agenda didn’t tell me so,  I wouldn’t have known either.


Generally speaking , this day is meant for everyone to consciously evaluate the way we as global citizens treat each other, whether being different in terms of identity or similar enough. It calls attention to not just the ideas of world peace but the simpler aspect of peace as a quality of life. The right to live and let live without fear of terrorism, racism, sexism, harassment or judgement.


This year’s theme behind International Day of Peace is Respect, Safety and Dignity. And it got me thinking how important these topics are in our daily lives just for a healthy peace of mind. You see, I truly believe ( through hard lessons learned) that the way you treat people not only comes back to you in turn but eats away at your mindset, blackening any possibility of a positive outcome.


Think about the last person who disrespected you in some way, and just ponder (briefly) if that person seems truly happy with their life? I know that I myself have not treated others well when I was miserable because well misery loves company, doesn’t it?


And if we take ( again a brief) look into history some of the most famous terrorists and anti-humanitarians in the world were completely miserable, weren’t they? I mean sure, they had a means to their version of happiness but it’s that misery with how they felt at that point in life that led them to wreak havoc on innocent people.


So it stands to reason that if you put out and receive dignity, safety, and respect throughout your daily interactions that you will actually begin to feel more positively about the world around you. It’s like a ripple effect that just keeps going and going.


The topic of mindfulness and positivity arise often here at The Holistic Route and while it is often considered an inward pursuit of your own sanity, people can sometimes forget that we are always affected by outside influences.


You cannot have mental peace and also treat others poorly. You cannot be treated poorly and also have mental peace.

Whether you’re just beginning your mindfulness practice or you’ve been at it for a while, please treat everyone you meet today with Respect,  let them know through these actions that you advocate for the Safety all people and never undermine anyone’s Dignity, least of all your own. 

Wishing you Health and Happiness!


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