Wellness And Nutrition Services

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being” – J. Stanford

To be whole both body and being need to be in sync with each other. 

Wellness Reset

Fresh Start Consultation
  • 50 Minute Call to Chat About Your Health Goals

    The table is yours! Ask your burning health questions, get advice on a diet plan/product or direction on how to start your own journey. The possibilities for this chat are endless 

  • Reliable Tips and Advice From an Expert 

    Sometimes Google is not enough, talk to an educated expert from the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be through phone or Skype

  • Support, Motivation and Accountability

    Started a health goal but have no support system? Use this call to discuss your success and challenges and get tips on continuing success 

Wellness Makeover

6 Week Transformation
  • 45 Min Bi-Weekly Sessions

    The most effective way to stay accountable! Chat about your challenges, celebrate your success. 

  • Balanced Nutrition and Movement Plan 

    Say goodbye to calorie counting and HELLO to fresh whole foods. Your plan will include realistic suggestions based on your current lifestyle and goals 

  • Support and Motivation 

    Weekly check-ins via text or email full of relevant tips, inspiration and wrapped in tons of ” You are FABULOUS and you got this!” cheers. 

  • Unlimited Email Support and Accountability 

    Starting a health plan is the best thing you can do for your life, but it’s not easy. Anytime you need reassurance, encounter a roadblock or want to share a win, send on Girl. I’m here for you! 

Wellness VIP

3 Month Transformation
  • Personalized Wellness Plan

    VIP clients get a detailed analysis of their current health and lifestyle to help determine what the areas of focus could be. After a thorough assessment, a custom guide to success is created 

  • 30 Min Weekly Sessions Or 90 Min Bi-Weekly Sessions 

    During these sessions, we will discuss your goals and plan for potential roadblocks. We will also make changes and adjust your plan so it truly fits your lifestyle and gets you to the finish line

  • Recipe Guides, Workbooks and Tip Sheets

    This program is designed to teach you how to live at your best, VIP clients get access to relevant workbooks and tip sheets that will provide clarity on health issues, get you organized and eliminate overwhelm. Recipe books and guides are available to all VIP’s looking to revamp their culinary delights  

  • 2 Weekly Check-Ins Via Text or Email

    Never feel lost or alone during this exciting change. Weekly check-in’s will be full of fun facts, tips and many “Your amazing Queen ” chats. 

  • Unlimited Email Support

    Accountability is the key to the winner’s circle. Keep the conversations going, share your victories and rant about the bumps in the road. My inbox is always open. 

What My Clients Have to Say

I’ve always wondered if I had any food allergies so I contacted Leticia for a wellness session. We talked about my concern and some of the symptoms I experience after eating. Leticia was able to suggest two areas of possibility for food sensitivities and sent me some guidelines on discovering them. She even suggested I see my family doctor and what tests to request which I wasn’t expecting.  I was impressed with how quickly she came up with her ideas, I’m very glad I found her. 

Kayla, 25, Toronto

I purchased the 14 Day Reboot program from Leticia because I wanted a quick way to prepare for my vacation. Even though this was a DIY program, Leticia reached out to me and let me know I could contact her if I needed some support. I had some questions about substitutions during the program and she responded rather quickly. She was friendly and very knowledgeable. She even gave me suggestions on ways to enjoy my vacation but not completely sabotage my results. I lost 5 lbs on this program and I was only hoping to reduce my belly bloat. Thanks again 🙂 

Abigail, 23, Oakville

In 6 short weeks, Leticia helped me lose 15 lbs and get my energy back! She helped create a program that took into account my busy lifestyle and budget. Through her program, I’ve learned what foods to eat, portion controlling and discovered I was lactose intolerant. She is very supportive and motivating, I never felt like I was alone during my program. I’m leaving this program completely prepared to maintain my weight loss and go forward in better health. 


Bianca S, 28, Brampton